Identity for Tricerabot, a cooperative of technologists, makers, and hackers
Identity for Little Mighty, and event production consultancy focused on the road race, entertainment and technology conference industries.
Identity for Primer Stories: Visual stories about the most interesting things in the world.
Identity for 4 Corners Athletic, a San Francisco-based company that reps some of the best outdoor brands in the cycling and running industries
Identity for Wag Along, an Oakland, CA dog walking and pet sitting service.
Identity for Carnes Calientes, the Rally Car racing team of Mike Carnes
Identity for NoiseRockDanceParty band microfiche
Identity for the California Family Health Council's Condom Access Project
Identity for Oakland-based clothing company Area 510 Clothing. If you're unfamiliar w/ the Oakland skyline, those are the Oakland Tribune towers represented.
Logo for Pinball and Pints at the Pacific Pinball Museum, a SF Beer Week event

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