Best viewed live at on Swiftly's site: link
Swiftly is a SAAS company focused on municipal transit management. They wanted a compelling, on-brand experience for their Careers page that highlights their connection to transit. 
I created and built an interactive page that ties scroll behavior to the graphic components on the screen, so that they play as the user scrolls. 
Visually, this serves as the beginning of an expansion of their brand. The organization is not yet poised for a comprehensive brand overhaul, but they are looking to expand the scope of their branding, and this component does that by leveraging the visual language of a transit map that they are using in their collateral, and introducing some motion, which is of course central to the idea of transportation. 
See below for an image of what the page looked like before. We added more context, more life, more white space, and a much greater view into what life is like at Swiftly. I took care to give each section enough space to breathe, and treat the typography in a clean, modern way that conveys the spirit of the product and company. 

This is what the page looked like before the redesign

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